About Us

I founded the company shortly after moving to Sweden with my Swedish wife of 26 years Marie, in January 2015. I have played good standard club cricket in England for almost
40 years and have been coaching for over 10 years. I have coached right across the age and ability spectrum, from elite players who are now enjoying professional careers at English Counties to complete beginners. Cricket in Sweden got its first major foothold in May 2015 when it was approved as a National sport. The Governing body the Riksidrottsförbundet now expects the sport to develop and this is where my company will aim to support this growth of the game. I shall be coaching services to the Swedish Cricket
Förbundet, to new coaches as well as youth and club players and offering taster sessions in schools in the Skåne district.Come and see what the world’s second most popular game has to offer.



I am Head of Cricket Development in Sweden and Assistant National Swedish coach. I am a holder of an International Cricket Council (ICC) level 2 coaching badge and am an approved I.C.C. instructor. My 2 sons Daniel and Krisitian both excellent cricketers also hold I.C.C level 1 badges.


David Williman